Apr 12, 2022 / Careers

Human Connection: One Common Thread that Drives Boom Employees

No matter their role, team members are united in the goal of making cross-cultural connections more accessible

Building the supersonic future requires a passionate and dedicated team of aerospace experts, that much is a given. But equally important to the mission are the professionals across multiple disciplines—business strategists, lawyers, marketers, you name it—who work tirelessly every day to make Boom’s goals a reality.

What ties the people from these seemingly incongruent backgrounds together? The fastest and most sustainable supersonic airliner, of course. But more than that, it’s the promise that Overture represents for a more accessible, connected world.

We talked recently with three people from our legal, engineering, and business teams to learn about this shared vision, and the common threads that led them to Boom.

“Living and traveling internationally was very impactful for me and it’s something that I hope for everyone to experience.”

“In terms of career opportunities and developing important skills, it’s blue skies at Boom. I am so appreciative of the amazing projects that I have been able to contribute to across different functional areas of the company. Boom is staffed by some of the most intelligent and talented people I have ever worked with and I have learned so much from my coworkers.”

Kate Mills is a member of Boom's legal team, where she works to mitigate risk and ensure Boom’s compliance across different regulatory areas. Her primary focus is trade compliance and technology transfer, working to ensure that Boom’s intellectual property and hardware are protected and exported in a way that meets all federal regulations. She works with different functional areas across the company to support initiatives involving data security, intellectual property management, contracts and policy efforts.

“One of the things I love most about the aerospace industry is the versatility in technology and the endless applications of both aviation and spaceflight. I’ve supported satellite, aircraft integration, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and other aerospace technology development programs over my career and it’s amazing to see how aviation and space platforms have evolved. The scale of the aerospace industry also provides interesting challenges and unique opportunities for problem solving and collaboration."

“Growing up, I had the amazing opportunity to live in and travel to many different countries around the world. Living and traveling internationally was very impactful for me and it’s something that I hope for everyone to experience. Unfortunately, time and money are big barriers to exploring other countries and cultures. I respect and believe in Boom’s mission of removing those barriers and making international travel more accessible and sustainable.”

Ryan Snell, XB-1 Structures Team Lead

“I am inspired by the idea of making the world a smaller place—connecting people and strengthening relationships.”

“I have been deeply fascinated by airplanes and the science of flight since I was a child. I fell in love with the technological advances—high altitude, speed, and stealth. Inspired by aircraft like the U-2, SR-71, and F-117, it was a given that I would pursue a career working on aircraft that push boundaries. To me, aerospace represents the mastering of physics to enable a more three-dimensional experience for humanity, and I feel lucky to be able to pursue this passion.”

Ryan Snell leads the XB-1 Structures team, which is responsible for the structural integrity of the airframe. His team handles the airframe design, stress analysis, materials and processes as well as aircraft loads and dynamics, ensuring the aircraft’s structure is capable of withstanding all static and dynamic loads XB-1 may encounter during flight. The team works closely with the other engineering disciplines and manufacturing to ensure components are integrated onto the aircraft structure safely and effectively.

“Working at Boom provides an opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented engineers in the industry, all of whom bring a high level of passion for the mission to each aspect of their role. Boom is also a uniquely empowering environment where every individual has the opportunity to directly contribute to the company’s success, often in areas outside of direct responsibilities.”

“I am inspired by the idea of making the world a smaller place—connecting people and strengthening relationships—all while pushing the boundaries of modern aviation and helping the industry overcome too many years of stagnation in speed increases.”

John Bonanni, Business Operations

“Supersonic travel has the ability to change the way we live in many ways by breaking down the barrier of time and increasing human connection across the globe.”

“For as long as I can remember I’ve loved anything that can fly. I grew up going to air shows on the weekends and building scale models of airplanes. As a teenager, I was lucky enough to see a Space Shuttle launch, which was truly inspirational. From that single moment, my career path was charted. The aerospace industry continues to inspire me. I’m grateful to be a very small part of one of humankind’s greatest achievements; one which has shaped the world we live in today.”

John Bonanni is a member of Boom’s highly collaborative Business Operations team, where he’s responsible for workflows connected to sales and business development efforts. Working cross-functionally, he ensures our customer engagements are well-orchestrated, can scale as we scale, and that we have internal processes that enable Boom to be customer-focused and successful.

“Boom is a place unlike any other where I’ve worked in the past. Every day is a learning experience and an opportunity is around every corner. The dynamic work environment with diverse individuals allows you to thrive and grow beyond your expectations. It’s also a place where during one meeting I’m working next to a person with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics while in another I’m presenting to one of the first Amazon executives. It’s amazing and inspiring to be surrounded by such talented individuals. At the end of every day, it’s onward and upward at Boom."

“Supersonic travel has the ability to change the way we live in many ways by breaking down the barrier of time and increasing human connection across the globe. I truly value the time I’ve spent abroad, and I want more people to experience it in a faster and more sustainable way. I believe in Boom’s vision of making the world dramatically more accessible. I’m excited to be a part of the supersonic journey and can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.”

Interested in helping John, Kate, Ryan, and the rest of us at Boom build the supersonic future? Visit our Careers page to explore opportunities.

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