History’s first independently developed supersonic jet

XB-1 is paving the way for mainstream supersonic travel by demonstrating the key technologies for safe and efficient high-speed flight.

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Paving the way for faster travel

NASA astronauts Captain Robert "Hoot" Gibson and Major General Charlie Bolden discuss the historical significance of XB-1.

Training for supersonic speed

Leaders of Boom’s Flight Test team share a tour of the avionics lab and talk the rigors of first flight preparations.

Making the vision a reality

LinkedIn co-founder and early Boom investor, Reid Hoffman, and former CTO of Lockheed Martin and Boom advisor, Dr. Ray O. Johnson highlight the importance of XB-1 for the future of travel.

XB-1 up-close

Every feature of this aircraft is optimized for supersonic performance. Explore each of these key components.

Meet the team

Chief Engineer Greg Krauland shares a behind-the-scenes look at the design of XB-1.

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